Wilbert Samapundo

African Art Shona Sculpture - Wilbert SamapundoWilbert was born in the Eastern Highlands town of Nyanga in 1976.

At a young age he was accepted into his uncle’s family who lived in Chief Saunyama’s village.

He spent his childhood herding cattle and hunting game with dogs and, at the age of 15, became the village blacksmith fashioning axe-heads and spearheads.

He says he considers himself a Christian and still belongs to the Apostolic Faith Mission.

After arriving in the Harare district, he was befriended by Moses Masaya, a well known artist, and began his apprenticeship.

Masaya taught him to look upon art as a “one-of” never to be repeated and Wilbert tries hard to follow this philosophy.

He now runs his own sculpture garden, and has a number of assistants.

In 1997, he married Patricia and they have a girl and a boy.

In his spare time he is a family man and spends that time with them.