Wellington Mdokwani

African Art Shona Sculpture - Wellington MdokwaniWellington Mdokwani was born on the 23 September 1947 in Mashonaland East.

As a child Wellington loved to mould animals and other objects, so when he got older he began carving and slowly taught himself the art of carving.

He began carving in earnest in 1966. He enjoys carving birds, owls, dolphins, giraffe, horses and abstracts.

As an artist he gets inspiration in choosing what to carve by looking at the stone from all angles, then a sculpture is suddenly identified.

He also sees most of his sculptures in forms of a vision and he also gets them from his dreams.

Wellington likes to use beautiful coloured stones from all over the country.

His works have been exhibited in many countries including Australia, Canada, Belgium, USA, South Africa, Germany and Holland.

He is married to Lorretah and they have four children, Terrence, Chivimiso, Namatayi and Godfrey.