Singi Chihota

African Art Shona Sculpture - Singi ChihotaSingi was born in Centenary in 1975 and grew up in Chitungwiza where he started his Primary Education from grade 1 to grade 3 and then moved to his communal lands in Guruve where he finished his Primary and Secondary Education.

His tribe in Shona is Zezuru Tembo Mazvimbakupa (Zebra).

Born in an Artistic family, he started carving in 1987 where his father Luke Chihota was weaving fruit baskets and garden chairs as well as sculpting with stone.

In 1993 Singi started working with Edronce Rukodzi who advanced his work between 1993 and 2000. Edronce inspired Singi to learn and practice all the stages of carving ie: good ponching, chasing hammering, rasping, and wiping.

Singi's work is based on Shona tradition and he has been exhibited extensively both outside and inside Zimbabwe.

In Zimbabwe he has had exhibitions at the National Heritage Zimbabwe in 1994 and Singi got a highly commended certificate from the National art gallery.

In 2000 Singi got a promotional stand in Harare International Airport where he has a permanent collection. Outside Zimbabwe Singi has exhibited in San Diego in 1994, in Atlanta Georgia in 1996 and Canada in 2001.