Rufaro Murenza

African Art Shona Sculpture - Alex ChitungoRufaro was born in 1980. At the age of twelve he was introduced to sculpting by Sam Samankika and was immediately drawn to it.

While in high school, he was fortunate to study under the well respected artist, Joe Mutasa as his assistant at the Chapungu gallery in Harare.

Here he was exposed to the work of many promoted artists and attended a workshop for granite sculpting in 1998 hosted by Assaya Masanya from Japan.

Later in that year, Rufaro travelled with Mutasa to Belgium to hold an exhibition which resulted in the sale of all the art shown, plus orders for more.

In 2003 he travelled once again to Belgium for another exhibition of his work.

He married Diana in 2000 and together they have one boy, Rufaro Jr.