Passmore Mupindiko

Passmore was born on the 15th September 1975 in Marendero, Guruve. He is the first-born in a family of five. His Totem is the Monkey.

Passmore did his primary education in Horse Shoe. During the last month of his final exams, his father passed away and he had to leave school and provide for his family. Passmore had to think big, as he knew his life would be an uphill struggle and in 1992 he started carving in wood.

He sold his carvings in different places in Harare and farms, making items such as salad bowls, spoons, forks, trays, bread and steak boards under the guidance of Sadman Nyamhondoro.

In 1998 Passmore visited the Tengenenge Arts Community, to see if Tom Blomfield would buy his work. Tom suggested to Passmore that he try and change his art and work with stone instead. He took up residence within the Community with his brother-in-law Alexander Makaki and became a full time artist.

Passmore's main subjects in stone are Leaf-bowls (for attracting birds), slender Guinea fowl, Shells and Leaf heads. His work has been exhibited in several countries including France, Holland, South Africa, Germany, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

During his spare time he likes to fish and listen to music which, he says, teach people how to live in harmony.