Cosmas Mudzengerere

African Art Shona Sculpture - Cosmas MudzengerereCosmas is first born to a family of three boys in the northern Zimbabwe district of Mutoko in 1975.

The family lived under the leadership of their chief Chimoyo of the Teteka Kraal.

A number of Comas’ family members were artists who inspired him, so after arriving in Chitungwiza, he felt he was fortunate to be given lessons by Kaitano Ngamu, Danny Kanyemba and the late Edmore Shereni.

This led him to eventually open his own sculpture gallery, where clients from USA, Belgium, South Africa, Germany and Australia have come to collect his art.

His art is usually abstract and is derived from day to day activities, dreams and visiting places of interest.

Cosmas married his wife, Dolyn, in 2000, and have a daughter, Primrose.

He likes to follow boxing and karate and was an amateur boxer.