Chemedu Jemali

African Art Shona Sculpture - Chemedu JemaliChemedu was born in Harare in 1971 where he did his primary education and then moved to the Shamva township for his high school years.

His family is originally from Malawi and their (male side) totem is the Miranzi (mouse).

In the early 90s, his brother Chituwa, an established carver by then, became his teacher and introduced Chemedu to the hard stones like Verdite, Springstone, Cobalt and Lemon Opal.

He has another brother, Salim, who is also a full time sculptor.

Chemedu produces abstract creations representing many areas from spirit birds to stylised busts.

He is a well known artist in the Shona art movement in Holland and exhibited his work in the Dutch town of Den Haag in 2002 for one month along with four exhibition workshops in Germany, also in 2002. All sculptures on show were sold.

In 1995, he married Tendai Pintu and they have a boy and a girl.

Usually a quiet living man, he enjoys following his favourite football team, Dynamos.