Charles Nembaware

African Art Shona Sculpture - Charles Nembaware

Charles Nembaware was born in 1969 in the Zimbabwean town of Rusape.

He did his secondary education in Harare and it wqs then that Charles first came across the African Art form that has become known as Shona Sculpture.

Whilst still at school, he would frequently visit the National Gallery of Zimbabwe on his way home. He came to admire the work of two of the early master sculptors: Nicolas Mukomberanwa and Bernard Matemera.

Charles found himself increasingly wanting to create his own art. He started to experiment with stone and by the age of 26 he was sculpting full time. He now lives in the dormitory town of Tafara about 30 kilometres outside Harare. Together with other sculptors and they have set up their own community and are gaining international recognition. 

Charles draws his inspiration from culture and society and his distinctive sculptures, mostly carved in springstone, are a form of social commentary. He insists that the themes are universal and he believes we must all listen to our ancestral spirits, no matter where we come from in the world.

Charles has participated in exhibitions in Holland, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

He is married with five children.