Boet Nyarari

African Art Shona Sculpture - Boet NyarariBoet was born in the Mubaira hospital in Mhandoro in 1977.

He was educated at the primary school in Mhandoro and attended their secondary school also but was unable to finish due to the economic hardships of his family.

As his father had passed away, his mother was left to fend for six children so money was very scarce and he moved to his grandfather’s house to be closer to school where he met a prominent artist Tinashe Makzizzi.

In 1993, Boet started working with Makzizzi on the weekends and holidays by washing and preparing the sculptures for polishing and after a while was shown the fundamentals of sculpting.

After his teacher passed away from a long illness in 2002, Boet was invited to join the famous Chapungu gallery in the capital, Harare, but found it unsuitable to him and left after one year.

He now sculpts from home and teaches young artists to develop their skills.

He says his hobbies are his work - if he does not sculpt, he feels he is wasting his talent.

In 2002 he married Norah and they have a daughter, Mellen.

Boet expresses happiness about his life as he sees his sculptures being sent around the world and realises that there are many people he doesn’t know taking pleasure from his creations.