Benjamin Mundara

African Art Shona Sculpture - Benjamin MundaraThis ever-smiling man is Benjamin Mundara and he was born in Gutu, Zimbabwe, in 1964.

As with many carvers, he showed an ability in art at school but, after finishing school in 1984, he started working as a temporary teacher for 18 months.

After his stint as a teacher, Benjamin started work with a fishing company at the Mutilikwe Lake lodges near Masvingo.

It was while he was there that he visited his cousin, Gladman Zinyeka, who introduced him to the possibility of learning the stone craft and so he started a three year apprenticeship .

In 1993, he started out on his own and came to the Harare district where, after becoming established, his work was shown at the National Gallery for several years.

His work has been shown in Germany, United States, Australia andthe United Kingdom.

He now runs his own sculpture garden where his brother, Douglas, also carves.

In 1986, he married his wife, Olina, and they have two boys and one girl.

Benjamin's personality of is what it seems in the photo: cheerful, intelligent and easy to speak to.