Andamiyo Chihota

African Art Shona Sculpture - Andamiyo ChihotaAndamiyo Chihota was born in Chitungwiza on the 22nd of June 1976 into a family of Sculptors.

His tribe is the Korekore and his totem is Mazvimbakupa Mbizi (Zebra).

He did his primary and secondary education in Guruve and introduced himself to Art at the age of thirteen by watching his father Luke Chihota.

Andamiyo started carving small sculptures in his spare time; these included birds, heads and animals.

They sold very well and later he visited the Tengenenge Art Community and was inspired to do more art.

After school he successfully got into Shona Sculpture when he was staying with his cousin Edronce Rukodzi. Edronce inspired Andamiyo to become a full time sculptor and later he returned to the Tengenenge Art Community where he secured a stand to display his sculptures.

As with most Shona Sculpture, his pieces have different themes. These depend on the shape of the stone and the that he draws inspiration from different things in life. The different types of birds come from the forests and rivers of Africa.

Along with various animals Andamiyo portrays many facets of Shona tradition and culture. These reflect the traditional respect of cultural values and social hierarchy like the chiefs, headman, men and women from the young to the old.

He also incorporates designs on his sculptures that display the beautiful artistic material the Shona people used to wear. The human figure reflects the day-to-day living as it evolved from past to present and his sculpture portrays events things that he has observed. This includes the good and the bad in the family as a whole or otherwise. The decorated eyes highlight the originality of Andamiyo's work.

Andamiyo's work has been exhibited in many countries and some of his sculptures have been taken for permanent displays in Museums and Galleries.

Andamiyo is a very quiet young man who speaks with a low confidant voice. He loves to carve Springstone, Opal, Cobalt and Fruit Serpentine. Among other artists he likes and admires are Nicholas Mukomberanwa, Henry Munyaradzi, Edronce Rukodzi and Bernard Matemera just to mention a few.

He looks forward to holding more exhibitions and workshops in different countries and meeting new people.